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Common questions asked by patients: What is belotero used for? Is belotero better than juvederm? How long does belotero last?

Visit Spa West if you are looking for belotero filler. For more information, please call us or request an appointment online. We serve patients from Westlake OH, Bay Village OH, North Olmsted OH, Fairview Park OH, Rocky River OH, Avon OH, and Columbia Station OH.

Belotero Filler Near Me in Westlake, OH
Belotero Filler Near Me in Westlake, OH

Fill in those fine lines and wrinkles with our Belotero dermal fillers!

Using a hyaluronic acid base, your skin will be smoothed and your area under the eyes will look years younger.

You may have been smiling for decades and now have that deep line from the nose to the lips, but now Belotero can fill in those deep creases so you can keep smiling while looking younger.

Treat yourself to this amazing treatment that requires no downtime and see for yourself why it’s so popular and effective.